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TBM Jacobian

Tensor Based Morphometry (TBM) For Longitudinal Data

Written by Owen Phillips . Email email ophillip at loni dot ucla dot edu if you have any questions.

Tensor based morphometry requires all your study subjects to be registered together so that an atlas can be generated. See for more information. This protocol is set up to allow a longitudinal analysis. It will generate one jacobian image for each subject who was scanned at two time points. Right click the following link to download: TBM_Longitudinal_MDT_v9

  1. Raw Data Time 1
  2. 1st subject - this is just used to set the histograms for the rest of the subjects.
  3. Raw Data Time 2
  4. *note, this pipeline includes extra modules like Bias Field Corrector, this can be cut out of the pipeline if it is not needed.
  1. Longitudinal Jacobians
  2. 4-step MDT
  3. KL_MI_deform 2

Analysis: You can download the pipeline for TBM Longitudinal Analysis by right clicking: One_Sample_t-test

  1. Input Design Matrix: See for instructions on how to make this.
  2. Mask
  1. P-value output volume
  2. T-statistic
  3. FDR corrected P-value

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