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NeuroAnatomy: View Data in BrainSuite and Shapeviewer

Written by Owen Phillips. Email email ophillip at loni dot ucla dot edu or Dr. Katherine Narr if you have any questions. For more information, see *Note* This protocol was written specifically for a NeuroAnatomy class, however, it can be used as a reference on how to load fMRI data in BrainSuite.


  1. Viewing your fMRI data: Open Brainsuite by double clicking the icon now copied to your desktop called BrainSuite.
    1. Click on Display Properties as indicated below by the arrow.
      Description: C:\Users\ophillip\Web\Narr\images\BS_2.jpg
    2. Click on Volume and load in your mean_func.nii image. Your screen should look similar the following image.




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